Who is RESPINA ?

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About the Origin of RESPINA
RESPINA in farsi means automn ,it is the name of our rock band in Iran which was established in 1992 by :
Payam Abdollahi ..... vocal/keyboard/piano
Sasan Izadkhast ..... Electric Guitar
Pejman Izadkhast.....Bass
Amirhosein Sheikh-vand.....Rythm Guitar
and after some imitating works from band like Santana,Satriani,Pink Floyd,Metallica we moved to our original works and by joining new members like:
Amir Rashidi-Nejad.....Rythm Guitar/Spanish Guitar
Majid Abdoli.....Drums
and splitting of our Ex-rythm Guitar Player we moved to a new style in our music that I can call it Fusion Rock .

Our last work is an album named "Bad-e-Norouzi" which means Newyear Breeze.It is a collection of our latest try on classical poets like Hafez,Saadi and Roomie plus an instrumental work named "Kei-e-Koufie".
Hi I have some good news!I could get the permission for distributing our album today after 1.5 year.In the next step we are going to have live performance that I hope to be successful with the good feedback from you .take a look at our persian weblog for news written in farsi too in following address:

we performed two instrumental concerts in 1998 in Art University's Farabi Hall in Tehran and played a gig in "As-ad-e-Gorgany" Hall in Gorgan in 1999.
We hope to play a gig in Tehran after getting the permission for our album from the ministry of culture, in next few months.

Our live performance took place on 31th Mordad of 1382 at Farabi Hall  in Tehran.

Sample music is here:
This song named "Akhar-e-Hafte" which means "Weekend" is not included in our album.Our live performance of Rooz-e-Hejran is added in file section of our Yahoo!group.
for some new samples pls go to our Yahoo!group address after registering with a yahoo ID you can easily download them from the file section.our yahoo group


my weblog for farsi news in music is:
music news in farsi