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RESPINA in concert ,FARABI's hall -TEHRAN 1998

Our Training Session

From left to the right:
Payam,Sasan,Amir,Majid and Pejman

1991 From left to the right:
Sasan on Electric Guitar,Amir Sheikhvand our ex-guitar player,Pejman on Bass
From left to the right:
Siavash an old Friend on Drums,Sasan

Majid Abdoli on Drums(Our current Drummer)
From left to the right:
Siavash,Amir Sheikhvand,Keivan a friend and Payam on Vocal

Majid in front of his Drum set in Sweden

2003 last pics before our last concert(left to right &up to down):ardeshir hamedani,pejman Izadkhast,Majid abdoli,amir rashidi,sasan Izadkhast,Payam abdollahi

2003,farabi Hall,Our last concert poster,Good bye my friends!Good bye !   RESPINA on concert at Farabi Hall on 2003
Payam Abdollahi , Singer ,keyboard and Piano player  2014   One of pictures which used for internet invitation to concert.2003

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